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Flatman vs AntiVenom

Suggested by Destroyer Flatman is a pretty flat character for the most part. Nobody has heard of the guy and you can’t even take his design seriously. There’s probably a lot of potential behind this character, but it’s all been wasted. He won’t be able to do much against AntiVenom. Eddie has a lot of combat experience at his disposal and could probably beat Flatman in an instant. There just isn’t much that this guy can hope to do against him. AntiVenom wins.

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AntiVenom vs Sludge

This is a tribute to the Venom movie. Eddie Brock is labeled on the blog as AntiVenom which is why he gets the tribute. While Eddie wasn’t perfect, I suppose he handled himself better in enough scenes to handle his lower moments. At the very least he is definitely a more likable guy than Sludge. Sludge is one of those characters who screams “One shot villain” when he shows up and also can’t fight too well. Eddie will be able to take him down a peg without even trying. That’s just one of the perks of having a symbiote. AntiVenom wins.

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AntiVenom vs Cyclops

AntiVenom is a pretty tough guy, but he can’t take down Cyclops. Cyclops has his optic blasts and Phoenix Form which lets him pwn many opponents with ease. Cyclops’s speed is nearly incalculable and his optic blasts just have an intensity that can’t be matched. Cyclops rises up the ranks again. Cyclops wins.

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Carnage vs AntiVenom

After losing to Venom AntiVenom is back to fight. Sadly for him he’s up against Carnage. Carnage is just like Venom. Because of his powers he nearly equals Venom…but without his powers he’s pretty weak. Of course that goes for AntiVenom too. I guess Carnage opens up with a win. Carnage wins.

AntiVenom Battles, Battles, Venom Battles

Venom vs AntiVenom

Venom is arguably the strongest Spiderman villain of all time. He’s stronger and more athletic than Spiderman. He was most popular when he was with Eddie Brock. He is currently with Mac Gargon. Of course this is counting all forms of Venom. AntiVenom is Eddie Brock after the symbiote left him. Now he has mild abilities. Venom wins.