Quickman vs Blue Eyes White Dragon

Blue Eyes White Dragon is a strong dragon that can take many opponents down, but Quickman has speed that is so great none can keep up with him. He leaves all of his opponents in the dust. He also got Beast Out form which made him quicker and stronger. Quickman wins.

Blue Eyes White Dragon vs Robin Hood

The Blue Eyes White Dragon is a legendary dragon that loses to no one. His power is over all others and he is King of the Monsters. Robin Hood didn’t have a chance against a being like that. Blue Eyes White Dragon wins.

Kaiba vs Blue Eyes White Dragon

Well this Dragon won’t be able to take on Kaiba. Kaiba is one of those supreme duelists who don’t lose battles that easily. In fact he can’t lose because he’s the Ultimate Duelist there is. Blue Eyes White Dragon is a tough dragon but it wasn’t enough. Kaiba wins.