Kaiba vs Blue Eyes White Dragon

Well this Dragon won’t be able to take on Kaiba. Kaiba is one of those supreme duelists who don’t lose battles that easily. In fact he can’t lose because he’s the Ultimate Duelist there is. Blue Eyes White Dragon is a tough dragon but it wasn’t enough. Kaiba wins.

8 thoughts on “Kaiba vs Blue Eyes White Dragon

  1. Kaiba Can Take Control Of Blue Eyes White Dragon With Brain Control, Then He Can Combo With Obelisk The Tormentor’s Special Ability To Absorb Monsters To Win.

  2. I Wonder How Fast The Blue Eyes White Dragon Can Fly. He’s Probably At Least Hyper Sonic. Or Maybe Even Faster Than Light.

  3. I Also Like To Think Blue Eyes White Dragon Would Not Attack Kaiba Out Of Respect For His Master, And The Same Goes For Kaiba Too.

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