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Maverick vs Deadpool

Maverick is pretty good with a gun and he definitely has some experience with battling other gunmen, but it won’t be enough to stop Deadpool. Deadpool has a healing factor and he’s also pretty quick. His striking power is deadly and he also has some pretty good close combat skills. Maverick won’t be winning this round. Deadpool wins.

Battles, Maverick Battles, Wolverine Battles

Wolverine vs Maverick

Maverick was always a tough guy. With his skills you knew that he could pwn someone pretty fast. Wolverine and Maverick made the ultimate tag team. Of course nothing lasts forever and now Wolverine’s a solo operative. He takes down guys like Maverick for breakfast. Maverick can’t take down Wolverine and quite frankly…he never could! Wolverine is just far too powerful for him and gets himself yet another win. Wolverine wins.