Yu-yu Kondo vs Larry Talbot

This is a tribute to the Wolfman. Larry Talbot is usually calm under pressure and ready to roll but in the reboot he didn’t do as well and rushed in the romance department. Meanwhile Yu-yu Kondo has had slow but consistent development. His army of monsters will crush Larry in an instant. He’s just not going down and a Werewolf won’t scare him in the slightest. Yu-yu Kondo wins.

Larry Talbot vs Nemo

This is a tribute to the House of Dracula. You may wonder why Dracula didn’t get the tribute but his role isn’t as big as you would expect and Larry has the benefit of being a reoccurring character who actually has his plot completed here. That goes a long way and he had the most impact so it just made sense. He looked good when it counted and Nemo won’t be doing much of anything against him. The gap is just too big at this point. Larry Talbot wins.

Larry Talbot vs Sonic


Suggested by Anonymous Larry is a tough werewolf but I don’t really think he has what it takes to overpower an opponent like Sonic. Sonic can spin dash rings around Larry and that’s while eating a chili dog. Putting the fastest hedgehog against one of the slow universal monsters of the old days was always going to be a blowout. These two fighters aren’t on the same level. Sonic wins.

Larry Talbot vs Bass

Suggested by Blake The Werewolf won’t have any better luck than his pal Dracula. Bass is simply too fast for this opponent and Werewolves typically don’t like to get blasted by Earthbreakers. Bass will have no trouble blasting him from afar or just getting up close and slashing him to a loss with his arm blade. On the other side of the equation, Larry Talbot has no real options here. Getting in close would be a mistake and attempting a long range battle would be futile since he has no real projectiles. This is why he doesn’t stand a chance this time. Bass wins.

Larry Talbot vs Cell

Suggested by Anonymous Larry Talbot is a resourceful guy and he is not afraid to throw a few punches as well. Thing is, that’s not enough against a foe of Cell’s caliber. One misplaced punch and it’s all over for Talbot. He could transform into his werewolf state, but that one isn’t even bullet proof and barely enhances his physical abilities. Cell’s immediate counter strike will be fatal. Cell wins.