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Grasshopper vs Lubba

Suggested by Destroyer Grasshoppers may not look all that threatening one on one, but they have turned giant thanks to some old horror movies. Can Lubba defeat a giant grasshopper? I have serious doubts there since we’ve never seen Lubba do a whole lot against anybody. He’s severely out of his depth here and will have to take another loss. Hopefully Lubba appears in a new Mario game someday, but until then he’s probably doomed. Grasshopper wins.

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Beast Boy vs Grasshopper

It’s time for the last round of the quarter finals. Grasshoppers may be stronger than we gave them credit for and the single win that it got in the previous round will help it jump over at least 1000 fighters. Still, it won’t be enough to stop Beast Boy. He’s completely in his element against any animal since he can turn into the perfect counter. He also has some alien creatures at his disposal as well which will make for an easy victory. Beast Boy wins.

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Grasshopper vs Nemo

The tourney’s first round ends with this round….or it should have. Beast Boy got sick watching too many Teen Titans Go reruns so his round with Penguin has been very temporarily postponed. Here, it looked like Nemo could have had a shot at his first victory, but it wasn’t to be. In the film Beginning of The End, Giant Grasshoppers stormed the capital and dealt major damage. That means that via composite rules, Nemo is fighting a kaiju and he wasn’t prepared for that. I certainly wasn’t either, but the film definitely sounds very intense. Grasshopper will be moving on and maybe he’ll be able to win it all! Grasshopper wins.

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Terminator vs Grasshopper

The Grasshopper is back and he’s up against another foe who has made a return onto the blog. These guys have both dealt with the sadness of defeat while getting the chance to rise above the ranks with a decisive victory here. The Terminator has the advantage in firepower and it would appear that it is one that really shapes the outcome of this fight. Grasshoppers can’t really do much against this level of ability. Terminator wins.

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Black Widow vs Grasshopper

The Black Widow has arrived on the scene and that’s bad news for our favorite Grasshopper! Grasshoppers are pretty powerful when they are in large numbers, but there’s no way that a single one could hope to win this battle. The Black Widow is too quick and she’s very experienced in hand to hand combat. It’s a clear mismatch! Black Widow wins.

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Grasshopper vs Villager

The Villager may be scrambling to fight back in the blog records, but he always has time for a quick win. If anything, that is why he needs a quick win! Grasshoppers are pretty cool and they’re decently quick, but I think it’s safe to say that they are a little outmatched here. The Villager is still a Smash Bros member! Villager wins.

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Alaskan Bullworm vs Grasshopper

The Alaskan Bullworm makes his debut match on the blog, but will it be with a win? He has the massive power and size advantage, but Grasshoppers are definitely quick little fellows. You can’t expect to take him on in a 1 on 1 fight. Still, I think the Alaskan Bullworm will. Alaskan Bullworm wins.

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Anguirus vs Grasshopper

Grasshoppers are pretty intense and can jump high, but they can’t quite take on someone as powerful as Anguirus. Anguirus is just far too big and steps on the opposition. Grasshopper loses the round, but maybe one day he’ll be back with a good win. Of course Anguirus will be back pretty soon. Anguirus wins.

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Spiderman 2099 vs Grasshopper

Spiderman 2099 is back for another win. Grasshopper may be powerful, but he lacks the skills of Spiderman 2099. Spidey has enough hand to hand skills Grasshopper may be able to jump high, but in the end it won’t be enough to win. Spidey 2099 has this match locked away. Grasshopper takes a loss. Spiderman 2099 wins.