Moon Knight vs Doc Samson

Suggested by Sonic Moon Knight is a pretty strong fighter and even has a healing factor which is definitely pretty handy. That said, it will not be enough to take down Doc Samson. Samson’s strength is enough for him to go toe to toe with the Hulk at times. No matter how you slice it, being able to life 2 tons isn’t going to be enough for Moon Knight to last long here. Doc Samson’s often overlooked when talking about power characters but he can fight with the best of them. Doc Samson wins.

Doc Samson vs Clover

Well Clover had a good run. An even better one than expected since he was able to finally take care of Daken. However Doc Samson is now back to defeat Clover, and this time I’m afraid nothing can save him. Of course Doc Samson is a tough fighter and had to get a win sooner or later. Doc Samson wins.

Doc Samson vs Mario

Well Doc Samson just lost a fight to Lazerman and now it seems like he’s going to lose again to Mario. Well it’s nothing personal for Doc Samson, but Mrio is faster than Doc Samson. He may have less brute strength, but power only wins the match most of the time, not all of the time. Mario wins.

Doc Samson vs Lazerman

Well Doc Samson is supposedly as strong as the Hulk before he gets mad and has gotten even stronger possibly. But Lazerman was the series end boss of a Megaman Anime which is a big feat in itself. I’m afraid Doc Samson doesn’t have a chance in this match. Lazerman wins.