Poison Ivy vs Killer Frost

Suggested by Sonic Poison Ivy has a lot of plants which she can even have take physical shapes. They serve as an absolute defense that protect her against many opponents. This won’t work so well against someone like Killer Frost though. Killer Frost’s ice attacks are a perfect counter to Ivy’s plants as it will destroy them from the inside out with ease. Without her plants Poison Ivy has some hand to hand techniques but they won’t do much against Frost’s power. Killer Frost wins.

Killer Frost vs Deathbird

Killer Frost has her ice powers and they can be a big help on the field. Deathbird can fly and has been said to be on Gladiator level, but I’m not sure I buy that. She’s lacking in the projectiles department and gets frozen in this round. One day Deathbird will be back to pwn. Killer Frost wins.

Killer Frost vs Wonder Woman

Killer Frost has her ice powers, but in this fight it won’t be enough. Wonder Woman’s far too fast and strong to lose to someone like Killer Frost. Killer Frost may have lost her blog debut, but it won’t be her last fight. Killer Frost has ice powers, but so many have that power it’s not special anymore. Wonder Woman wins.

Killer Frost vs Kyle Rayner

Killer Frost has her ice powers, but Kyle Rayner is only limited to his mind. Kyle Rayner has beaten stronger opponents than Killer Frost in the past and he’ll continue to beat stronger opponents in the future. Killer Frost takes another loss in this round, but she’ll be back at some point. Kyle Rayner wins.