Huey vs Titanosaurus

Suggested by Destroyer Titanosaurus wins this round in much the same way as Orga did. He is a lot more powerful than Huey and has enough durability to stop all attacks in their tracks. Huey’s best option here would usually be to hit and run, but since his attacks deal no damage that almost seems a bit pointless too. A quick surrender would be the most efficient way out of this at least until he gets some kind of great power up. Titanosaurus wins.

Huey vs Orga

Suggested by Destroyer Huey is a fun character, but being a fighter was never his top concern. As a result he isn’t particularly powerful. Orga has the massive advantage in both raw power as well as ranged abilities. What really hurts Huey’s chances of winning here is that he has no real way to injure Orga. As it stands he just isn’t ready for this kind of fight and as a result will quickly be overwhelmed. Orga wins.

Huey vs Dewey

Huey and Dewey make their blog debuts! They’re pretty similar in terms of abilities, but this is one of those times where character makes all the difference! Huey is more of a leader and he always takes charge! He seems like a tougher character and he does have a huge violin to smash people with! Huey wins.