Mr Game and Watch vs Shark

Suggested by Destroyer A Shark may be a rather fierce animal but he won’t be doing anything against someone like Mr Game and Watch. G&W has a few techniques of his own like his torch and mighty hammer. A Shark won’t be able to get anywhere close to him and will ultimately go down in a flash. Mr Game and Watch wins.

Howard Aguello vs Shark

Suggested by Destroyer Howard has a gun but I don’t see that working too well here. Sharks can grow to pretty large sizes and Jaws was able to do pretty well even when confronted with a gun. Howard would need to be able to stay brave even in the presence of a big shark and I don’t see him doing that. If he misses even a single shot then it’s game over. As soon as the Shark gets his fangs into Howard that will be the end of the match. It’s just game over at this point. Shark wins.

Wario vs Shark

Suggested by Sonic Both of these guys have a pretty mean bite, but Wario definitely has the edge in combat here. Aside from his famous chomps he’s also got a good shoulder bash and even a super hero form. With those abilities at his disposal I don’t see him losing this. He’s simply far too formidable for the shark to hope to defeat. Even if the shark were to grow more teeth the outcome would not change. Wario wins.

Indominus Rex vs Shark

This is a tribute to Jurassic World! The Indominus Rex certainly looked very impressive and he was a great new Dinosaur to add to the roster. He was as savage as he was fearsome and none of the humans stood a chance against the guy. As deadly as Sharks can be in the water, the Indominus Rex’s sheer size would make this a no brainer. Indominus Rex wins.

Saltwater Crocodile vs Shark

The term Shark is used loosely on this site to mean the Great White Shark species and that also means that good ole Jaws is a part of the character. The Saltwater Crocodile is one of the largest creatures out there and they can grow to be around 23 feet, just two shy of the famous Jaws creature. Size isn’t everything though and both of these creatures have tremendous power at their disposal. One bite from either of them could be fatal and it’s a tough choice, but I’m going to have to lean towards the classic Great White. It’s pretty quick underwater and I believe that it would win a biting battle. Shark wins.

Battra vs Shark

Sharks are pretty deadly and they’ve got a mean bite, but that won’t be enough to stop Battra. Battra just needs to fire his super laser and take down the Shark in a single shot. The Shark just doesn’t stand a ghost of a chance! Battra takes yet another win and keeps on going! Battra wins.

Sharktopus vs Shark

The Sharktopus is back and with one good slash he should be able to deal some massive damage to the Shark. Sharks are fast and pretty intense, but in the end I don’t think a Shark can beat a Sharktopus. It’s just not in the cards at the moment I’m afraid. Sharktopus wins.

Megalodon vs Shark

Megalodon is pretty big and with one bite he could cause some intense damage! The Shark is pretty agile, but a Megalodon is basically a really big shark. I don’t think the Shark can overcome the size disadvantage and will lose this round. One day the Shark may be back. Megalodon wins.

Lazerman vs Shark

Lazerman is back once again and this time he’s here to pwn…..well more than usual anyway. A Shark can’t even begin to fight somebody like Lazerman. With one blast Lazerman could easily take a Shark down. Sharks may be vicious, but they don’t have giant energy beams or rocks that come flying from the sky. Lazerman wins.