Howard Aguello vs Shark

Suggested by Destroyer Howard has a gun but I don’t see that working too well here. Sharks can grow to pretty large sizes and Jaws was able to do pretty well even when confronted with a gun. Howard would need to be able to stay brave even in the presence of a big shark and I don’t see him doing that. If he misses even a single shot then it’s game over. As soon as the Shark gets his fangs into Howard that will be the end of the match. It’s just game over at this point. Shark wins.

2 thoughts on “Howard Aguello vs Shark

  1. Not that I underestimate the shark, but considering how many are killed each year in the wild, Howard could have luck on his side if he has some heavy artillery or even a Harpoon/Gun. If he gets that, it’s Shark for dinner for Howard.

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