Indominus Rex vs King Kong

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Suggested by JHG Indominus Rex is a pretty powerful dinosaur and I think she could actually have a good chance against some of the previous depictions of King Kong. That being said, his 2017 incarnation even rivals that of his Godzilla version with how large it is. Indominus Rex would simply not be on King Kong’s level anymore and the physical difference in strength would be far too drastic to overcome. I don’t see how she can win this match. King Kong wins.

Indominus Rex vs Bass

Bass is back and now he’s here to dethrone the Indominus Rex before things get too serious. The Indominus Rex is awesome, but he won’t be able to defeat Bass. Bass is simply too fast and too powerful to be stopped. A quick Earthbreaker attack would take down an entire army of dinosaurs, let alone of of them, even if the Indominus is a hybrid. Bass wins.

Indominus Rex vs Shark

This is a tribute to Jurassic World! The Indominus Rex certainly looked very impressive and he was a great new Dinosaur to add to the roster. He was as savage as he was fearsome and none of the humans stood a chance against the guy. As deadly as Sharks can be in the water, the Indominus Rex’s sheer size would make this a no brainer. Indominus Rex wins.