Indominus Rex vs Shark

This is a tribute to Jurassic World! The Indominus Rex certainly looked very impressive and he was a great new Dinosaur to add to the roster. He was as savage as he was fearsome and none of the humans stood a chance against the guy. As deadly as Sharks can be in the water, the Indominus Rex’s sheer size would make this a no brainer. Indominus Rex wins.

10 thoughts on “Indominus Rex vs Shark

    • I typically imagine it being a neutralish territory like Final Destination from Super Smash Bros, fitted to scale depending on how large the fighters are.

      In this case, you could imagine half of the field being completely submerged in water as it wouldn’t be fair for the Shark otherwise.

      • K, because I was thinking that if it was on land than the shark wouldn’t stand a chance. Yet if it was underwater than that’s the shark’s element so the I Rex wouldn’t stand a chance.

      • Absolutely, it’s why a land battle wouldn’t be fair to the Shark. That being said, underwater I think it would be a question of if the Indominus could get a bite on the Shark before he ran out of air as one hit should be enough, but he would lost oxygen almost instantly by opening his mouth for sure.

      • This is a confusing fight, lol. It’s like it’s not a matter of strength as it is a matter of environment. Can’t exactly decide who would win a fight if you can’t even figure out where they’re doing it. :/

      • Definitely true. It’s like a fight between the Thing and Namor. The location really matters a lot in fights like that. I suppose that another way you can think of it is putting both fighters in 9 or so environments and seeing which one wins most of the time. That being said, it would probably still be a little unfair to the Shark unless it was half water locations and half land ones. Yeah….definitely a tricky fight!

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