Indominus Rex vs King Kong

maxresdefault (1)
Suggested by JHG Indominus Rex is a pretty powerful dinosaur and I think she could actually have a good chance against some of the previous depictions of King Kong. That being said, his 2017 incarnation even rivals that of his Godzilla version with how large it is. Indominus Rex would simply not be on King Kong’s level anymore and the physical difference in strength would be far too drastic to overcome. I don’t see how she can win this match. King Kong wins.

8 thoughts on “Indominus Rex vs King Kong

      • And I just figured something. If Konh grows to only 200 ft, then he will still be no match for Godzilla. Kong is 1/3 the size of Godzilla but only 158 tons? He will get rag dolled around by Godzilla. And based on what happens to him by fire, I would say he definitely needs to be 300-340 ft tall.

      • Asbolutely. Godzilla would be throwing him around left and right. King Kong just can’t keep up with his overwhelming power

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