Sharktopus vs Kraken

Sharktopus is a pretty deadly shark creature, but he may have met his match against the legendary Kraken! The Kraken is a giant monster capable of immense destruction and a good charge may be able to defeat the Sharktopus. For once the Kraken’s great size and brute strength will actually be a key point for his victory. Kraken wins.

5 thoughts on “Sharktopus vs Kraken

    • Welllll, sorta. The Kraken’s been depicted in many different literatures and films. As he’s a bit of a mythical monster, all appearances are fair game unless there is a version that became a big enough character on his (or her) own. So, in Clash of the Titans, he’s more of a giant sludge monster.

      • It is a huge stomp, but still not as bad as some of the other blog stomps. It’s the price of having the composite rules. Some matches turn into blowouts and others have the outcome fully reversed, but it’s still been a pretty fun ride for the most part.

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