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Beerus vs Gemini Saga

Gemini Saga is back, but he’s up against one of the stronger fighters on the blog. Saga may have an impressive amount of speed and power to back him up, but it just won’t be enough against Bills. Bills was even able to take on Super Saiyan 3 Goku and that’s a pretty good feat. I’m afraid that Gemini Saga will be losing this round, but I’m sure that it would be a good fight. Bills wins.

12 thoughts on “Beerus vs Gemini Saga”

  1. Uhh, he was even able to take on SSJ3 Goku? He was able to take SSG Goku at 70% power and beat him. The creator of DBZ said in an interview that Bills was almost twice as powerful as SSG Goku. You can’t argue with Akira Toriama!!!

    1. True, we don’t want to underhype him. Although, I still don’t see him being stronger than a maxed out Goku. Toriyama is a nice guy, but I believe that he underestimates Goku It explains why the power levels were so wonky in the latest film. That being said, Bills is still one of the strongest DBZ fighters

  2. You do get that Akira Toriyama CREATED DBZ so arguing with him is pointless. If he didn’t exist, Goku wouldn’t have existed either. So everything (Besides GT, made by Nickelodeon) he created. So basically him saying something has as much power as him creating Cell. If he didn’t decide that Cell exsisted, there would be no Cell. You can’t just argue with the creator. Then I could say that Freiza is actually more powerful than Goku SSJ4. That is the same as you saying that Goku is stronger than Bills. Akira “underestimates” Goku? He CREATED Goku. Whatever he says goes, pretty much.

    1. Toriyama may have created DBZ, but I’m the one who watched the anime and read the manga. Because of that, I basically have as much authority over their abilities as he does. He can say that Bills is stronger than Goku, but it won’t help all that much unless he shows it. Bills may have been beating SSJG Goku, but it was a close fight and I like to think that Goku would have won if he had been treating the fight seriously. Unfortunately, he was terribly out of character for the whole film. I really think that he does underestimate Goku and the Battle of Gods film seemed off. I think it’s just been too long since he wrote the manga at this point

      1. You really are a delusional fool, aren’t you?? How can I get you to understand this… He created the franchise DBZ and hundreds of people have read the Manga and watched the Anime, not just you. Therefore, he’s obviously re-read the Manga about 5 times since he created it. If he didn’t create Super Saiyan form, then Goku would be WAAAY less powerful. If BOG 2 comes out and it shows goku SSJ5, you wouldn’t argue with that, would you? I’ve read the Manga and watched the Anime as well, so I could say that Krillin is WAY stronger than Goku SSJ4. Yes, in the Manga and Anime Toriyama made it says Goku was more powerful, but according to you that doesn’t matter as long as you’ve read the Manga and watched the Anime. I could also say that Toriyama over-hyped Goku so SSG never existed. That has about as much logic as what you said!! The fight seemed close, but I already told you Bills was using 70% power the entire time and Bills threatening to blow up the Earth and all of Goku’s friends TOTALLY won’t make him take it seriously, huh? )sarcasm ends.

      2. Foolishness! I’m not a fool or delusional or a delusional fool. I am….DReager1! The Ultimate Blogging Genius of the 7 Stars who succeeds in vaporizing whole reputations with a single debating line with…..etc.

        Toriyama likely did read the manga a lot back in the day, but he seems to have forgotten just about everything. Why else would he give Frieza some hype in the new film when he’s so weak? We can’t forget about Mystic Gohan turning Super Saiyan either and Goku being completely out of character. To an extent, you could say that Krillin is stronger, but it would be very hard for you to debate that. If you’ve read the manga and seen the anime, then you have just as much right as anyone else (Toriyama included) to dictate who’s stronger than whom based on what you’ve seen. The creator can make some bold claims, but if it wasn’t in the film, then it doesn’t really have anything to back it up. Goku was not serious the entire time. He gave up instead of going until he went down and he kept complaining about his power. He didn’t care about his friends in this film…

  3. … There really is no point in debating this, is there? You’ll keep on arguing different points and i’ll just come back. Whatever.

  4. Bill? the God of Destruction really? He has never tanked a galaction destroying blast, ever, therefore you cant say he can. Gemini easily makes all of his attacks miss due to Bill having no sight or sense of touch. Bill has not shown to have a powerful mind, so he is weak to Geminis infinite maze illusion. and Bill simply cannot kill Gemini with one move. for if he misses, Gemini will adapt and become invincible to that attack.

    1. I gotta admit that I would go with Bills on this one. He hasn’t tanked an official galaxy buster, but he basically has since he overpowered a Kamehameha wave. Taking away Bill’s senses is a little iffy and I’m not sure if that would work and Bills would just fall asleep in the maze so Gemini Saga would have to go and find him someday. If not, Bills can just blow it up. Gemini Saga is skilled, but I fear that he is simply outmatched in close quarters combat

      1. Dude you need to do your research on Gemini before selling him short he removes senses with ftl punches. The illusions he creates, he has full control of so he knows where bills would be at all times he doesn’t have to look for him. Goji only ever fights for fun or to protect the ones he loves yet he has a kind heart so he holds back most of the time. Saga on the other hand would take pleasure in destroying bills with no mercy that’s just who he is. I don’t see anything bills could do to take out Saga he would be overwhelmed.

      2. Gemini Saga is incredibly powerful, but I believe that he is physically outmatched by Bills, which isn’t a good sign for Gemini Saga. Trust me, I’ve researched both characters extensively, but I really think that Bills has the edge.

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