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Lazerman vs Moondark

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Suggested by Destroyer Lazerman is an incredibly powerful fighter who possesses a great deal of speed and strength. While Moondark is a very accomplished magician, that simply won’t mean much against Lazerman’s overwhelming might. His disruption blast will stop any spells in their tracks and then Lazerman can also regenerate some of his injuries to an extent during the battle. Moondark is simply out of his league here. Lazerman wins.

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Moondark vs Ghost Rider

Moondark may seem to be pretty impressive, but he’s no match for Ghost Rider. His tricks just won’t be enough to enslave someone with such power. Ghost Rider stood up to World War Hulk in the past and that immediately means that he’s out of Moondark’s league. It’s been a while since the Rider fought on the blog, so it’s good to see him take a win. Ghost Rider wins.