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Nui Harime vs Ghost Rider

Suggested by iKnowledge Ghost Rider is definitely a very powerful Marvel character. He’s gone up against Hulk in his World War form as well as Galactus. That being said, he will be utterly powerless against Nui’s speed and destructive capabilities. Ghost Rider’s healing factor and durability will certainly keep him in the fight for a little while, but ultimately he will just be delaying the inevitable here. Nui Harime wins.

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Nui Harime vs Jiren

Suggested by Random Nui Harime is a fairly strong fighter and one who is unconventional as well. Jiren may not quite understand her abilities at first and he probably wouldn’t care to find out either. In the end, all he will care about is securing the win and that’s exactly what he is going to do. A quick energy blast should take care of that. Jiren wins.