Anos Voldigoad vs Ghost Rider

Suggested by iKnowledge Anos Voldigoad is an immensely powerful fighter who is definitely out of Ghost Rider’s league here. Ghost Rider is strong but this guy can move faster than light and seems to be an easy planet buster. He has a lot of attacks at his disposal so it’ll be tough for the Ghost Rider to even get close. No matter how you slice it, a motorcycle isn’t going to be enough to keep up here. This will be game over for the rider. Anos Voldigoad wins.


14 thoughts on “Anos Voldigoad vs Ghost Rider

      • Ghost rider There is no death, only Marvel’s God can kill Ghost Rider. destroy Ghost rider He would come back, he had no pain. Ghost Rider Powers Infinite Kill zarathos He will always come back, never ending.

  1. If you don’t do broly vs Cumber i will force manami matsumae to nerf bass so hard a frog could beat him. Broly vs Cumber please add it to vault also whoever wins the match has to fight Vegeta and whoever loses has to fight gohan

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