Bugbear vs Beren

Suggested by iKnowledge No, this isn’t the Beren you’re likely thinking about from that series. We’re talking about a completely different character. Beren is strong and a mighty warrior from the past but we don’t know a ton about him or just how powerful he is. Bugbear meanwhile tend to be rather strong goblin type creatures who overwhelm you with pure power. I don’t think Beren would be able to overpower one of these guys in a 1 on 1 fight. He just doesn’t have the strength to completely block their attacks. Bugbear wins.

2 thoughts on “Bugbear vs Beren

  1. I think you’re overestimating the Bugbear. Beren was a great hero of Middle-Earth’s First Age for a reason. Any medium-skilled party of DnD players can defeat a Bugbear or two. Beren slew a very large wolf in Middle-Earth and came back from a land few in the First Age came back from alive.

    • Bugbear’s stats outside of the gameplay mechanics are kind of crazy though. That guy can just start throwing his axes around and it would be really hard to stop him. The guy’s crazy! I agree that Beren can certainly fight though

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