Spoutman vs Squid

Suggested by Sonic Spoutman is not one of the more powerful Megaman characters. The guy is always nervous and crying which is not a great combination of traits for a battle. Squid has decent super strength and some projectiles. While the ink may not be a good fit against Spoutman’s water blasts, I do think that he is fast enough to claim victory here. Spoutman will have a hard time landing any attacks here and will ultimately be defeated. Squid wins.

Pac Man vs Squid

Suggested by Destroyer Pac Man is in for a pretty good matchup here since his long range options are an excellent counter to the Squid’s close combat style. The Squid isn’t particularly fast so Pac Man should have no problem weaving his way in and out of range the whole time. No matter what the Squid does, Pac Man will have an answer for it. That’s why you can’t underestimate this guy. Pac Man wins.

Totodile vs Squid

Suggested by Sonic Squid is a fun villain, but he’s not ready to take on the high energy Totodile. Totodile could dance rings around the Squid and his array of close and long range moves will also overwhelm the villain. Squid has nothing left in his pocket that could really hope to stop this Pokemon. If necessary Totodile could even evolve which greatly increases his stats around the board. At that point the match will get one sided. Totodile wins.

Green Goblin vs Squid

The Squid may be a decent super villain, but he won’t be able to stop Green Goblin. Green Goblin has a high tech suit and one good energy blast can take down the Squid for good. The Squid may be a decent Spiderman villain, but Green Goblin is one of the heavy hitters. Norman Osborn is a threat in any attire! Green Goblin wins.

Squid vs Thor

The Squid is back, but he doesn’t stand a chance against Thor. Thor is far superior to him in battle and he’s also a lot faster. The Squid will have a tough time dealing any damage against Thor and the fight won’t even last for a whole minute. The Squid takes another loss with this round and he continues to drop down the blog ranks. Thor wins.

Spiderman vs Squid

I’m sure that the Squid is a villain to be feared, but he’s up against Spiderman! Spiderman has his spider sense at the ready and he’ll be able to dodge all of Squid’s attacks. Squid can’t match up to Spiderman’s natural strength and agility. Spiderman also has a lot more battle experience under his belt and a lot of wins to show for his troubles. Spiderman wins.

Zahl vs Squid

Squid is one of Spiderman’s opponents and he should definitely not be taken lightly. Zahl has his gun at the ready, but it just won’t do any good against the Squid. The Squid is pretty tough and he’s even taken on Spiderman in the past. That’s no easy feat and he should only need one good hit to take Zahl down. Squid wins.

Gon vs Squid

The Squid is another Spiderman villain. While he’s slightly less popular, popularity doesn’t matter here. In fighting abilities he’s pretty good he’s just no Gon. Gon aside from his Rock attack also has Scissors and Paper. While he only used them once his scissors would beat Squid. Gon wins.