Dragon Sky vs Sunny

Suggested by Sonic Dragon Sky is a powerful opponent who gave Megaman a good fight. As one of the three guardians it has a ton of firepower, but Sunny is perfectly positioned to handle this. His hair can block almost any attack and then he can also go on the offensive. Dragon Sky’s defenses aren’t going to be enough to block or dodge such an attack. Sunny is much too fast and when he’s serious then he will end up outranking Dragon Sky in virtually every aspect of the fight. That’s why this Dragon doesn’t stand a chance. Sunny wins.

Andromeda Shun vs Dragon Sky


Suggested by Sonic Dragon Sky is a pretty powerful boss from Megaman Star Force. He was one of the original big threats after all. In terms of size and raw power it’s hard to stop him. That being said, he still isn’t ready to take on one of Athena’s most powerful knights. Andromeda’s Nebula Chains are nearly unbreakable and his durability is already insane even without them. As soon as Andromeda burns his cosmos the fight will be over. There just won’t be anything that Dragon Sky can do to stop him. Andromeda Shun wins.

Andromeda vs Dragon Sky

Dragon Sky is back and he’s up against Andromeda! Andromeda is one of those planet busters that you really have to keep your eye out for. One good attack can end the fight in a flash. Luckily for Dragon Sky he’s no slouch in the power department either! This fight is one to remember. Andromeda wins.

Dragon Sky vs Cancer Bubble

Dragon Sky makes his debut match on the blog and he’s up against Cancer Bubble! Cancer Bubble has some good water abilities at his disposal, but in the end they won’t be enough to take on such a powerful foe. Dragon Sky takes the win and moves up to the legendary 1-0 spot! Dragon Sky wins.