Andromeda vs Duo

Suggested by Destroyer Andromeda and Duo are both very powerful fighters. They each prefer to use attacks on a large scale that completely decimate their opponents. So who would ultimately win in such a clash of titans? Well, I’d have to give Duo the edge here. His powerful fists can not only block energy attacks but they can also deal up a lot of damage when they hit their target. Both of these villains are very similar but Duo ultimately has more firepower at his disposal which will be the difference here. Duo wins.

Andromeda vs Johnny Bravo

Suggested by Destroyer Johnny Bravo has a lot of confidence, you definitely have to give him that. The guy is always ready to make a move, but you can’t win battles on confidence alone. Andromeda would completely crush this guy with no effort. His abilities are just too extensive to settle for anything less. His powerful energy blasts will keep on draining Johnny Bravo of his energy hit after hit. That’s assuming that the guy would survive the first shot though and I doubt it. Andromeda wins.

Andromeda vs Jack Sparrow

Suggested by Destroyer Jack Sparrow is a pirate but that experience isn’t going to help him one bit here. Andromeda is just in a completely different league. Not even immortality can give Jack a chance here since he will just be completely obliterated in the end. The energy attacks won’t leave even a trace of him left and that’s what is really going to lead him to a game over moment. Andromeda wins.

Andromeda vs Mr Incredible

Suggested by Destroyer Andromeda is a powerful foe and definitely one who really gave Megaman a run for his money after the first Starforce game. Mr Incredible is strong but he’s definitely not in the same league as this guy. A single energy blast would be enough to take him down. Incredible’s durability is good but you need to be more than good to take on one of these shots and keep on going. Andromeda wins.

Andromeda vs Mr Hyde

Suggested by Destroyer Mr Hyde is a strong guy. He was able to give Thor a good run for his money back in the day so the guy is definitely very powerful. That being said, he isn’t fast enough to handle Andromeda’s attacks. Andromeda may make for a big target but Hyde has no reliable long range options so he will be forced to essentially run into a barrage of attacks. That’s not going to end well for him. Andromeda wins.

Andromeda vs Mr Terrific

Suggested by Destroyer Mr Terrific has a lot of good gadgets at his disposal. His intellect is also high so he is able to think of some pretty good strategies at all times. The problem is that at the end of the day a good strategy can’t completely cancel out a difference in power when the gap is too high. This is one case where Andromeda can just keep spamming energy blasts and that will end the match. Terrific just won’t be able to stop him. Andromeda wins.

Andromeda vs Killer Whale

Suggested by Destroyer A Killer Whale is a pretty fierce animal. It’s never one to back down from a fight and is also quite large so it’s not as though it will be taking any Ls here. At least, that would be the case if Andromeda wasn’t a cosmic level threat capable of vaporizing the entire planet. The Killer Whale has no way to get outside of the attack radius and that will ultimately be his downfall here. Andromeda wins.

Andromeda vs Tiny Tina

Suggested by Destroyer Tiny Tina is a horror character who never backs down from a fight. She can take some powerful swings at you with blunt objects like a pipe. That’s not exactly going to scare Andromeda though. He is a cosmic being who is quite above such things. A single blast would take Tina out and I have my doubts on if she could actually manage to dodge such attacks. If she does then that would be pretty impressive but it would only delay the inevitable. Andromeda wins.

Andromeda vs Stilt Man

Suggested by Destroyer Stilt Man is a pretty cool villain. I’ve never read a comic with him myself but how can you not like the concept of a guy using robotic stilts to fight off the heroes? Andromeda may be amused for an instant but it won’t make a real difference in the fight. Andromeda is still way more powerful than Stilt Man and has the energy blasts to prove it. A single shot should be enough to take Stilt Man down for the count. Andromeda wins.

Andromeda vs Leap Frog

Suggested by Destroyer Andromeda is the original big Star Force villain and not a being to be underestimated. Leap Frog can move pretty quickly and reminds me a lot of the Cruller from My Hero. That said, Leap Frog really doesn’t have anything more to his powers. He has no real way or even dealing damage to Andromeda which is going to prove to be fatal here. Without being able to land good hits, you don’t have a shot in any fight. Andromeda wins.