Andromeda vs Mr Terrific

Suggested by Destroyer Mr Terrific has a lot of good gadgets at his disposal. His intellect is also high so he is able to think of some pretty good strategies at all times. The problem is that at the end of the day a good strategy can’t completely cancel out a difference in power when the gap is too high. This is one case where Andromeda can just keep spamming energy blasts and that will end the match. Terrific just won’t be able to stop him. Andromeda wins.

Mr Terrific vs Pac Man

The Pac is Back is something that we’ve heard a lot over the years and it couldn’t be more true. Mr Terrific is a pretty nice guy, but he’s simply outmatched here. Pac Man has a decent amount of super strength and he’s also mastered the elements. He has many different methods at his disposal in order to take out this hero so this won’t be a close match. Pac Man wins.

Mr Terrific vs Batman

Mr Terrific is pretty smart and all, but Batman could take him down pretty easily in a fight! Mr Terrific lacks the skills and power ups to even hope that he can take Batman down! Batman has his batarangs and he knows how to use them! Everyone’s toast compared to him! Batman wins.