Andromeda vs Tiny Tina

Suggested by Destroyer Tiny Tina is a horror character who never backs down from a fight. She can take some powerful swings at you with blunt objects like a pipe. That’s not exactly going to scare Andromeda though. He is a cosmic being who is quite above such things. A single blast would take Tina out and I have my doubts on if she could actually manage to dodge such attacks. If she does then that would be pretty impressive but it would only delay the inevitable. Andromeda wins.

Black Manta vs Tiny Tina

Suggested by Destroyer Tiny Tina has a lot of explosives at the ready, but Black Manta has the superior technology. There’s really not a whole lot that she can hope to do to stop him. Manta will have her number from the start of the encounter. He is faster and a single laser would win the day since Tina doesn’t really have anything in the way of defense. This is where a good suit of armor could have come in handy for her, but alas it was not to be. Black Manta wins.

The Evil Midnight Bomber vs Tiny Tina

The Evil Midnight Bomber may be more even more evil than you think! Tiny Tina and The Evil Midnight Bomber both use explosives a lot, but I think The Evil Midnight Bomber has the edge in this round. In close quarters combat he seems a bit tougher. The Evil Midnight Bomber has won his debut fight! The Evil Midnight Bomber wins.