Black Manta vs Mr Hyde

Suggested by Destroyer Mr Hyde is a pretty annoying and weak character in most incarnations. Black Manta would easily crush him if not for the fact that Mr Hyde is quite powerful in Marvel. He has gone toe to toe with Thor on several occasions and also took on Ghost Rider. Black Manta is a lot faster and has great weapons, but they really won’t be able to do a whole lot of damage to Hyde. This is one fight where I just can’t see Manta being able to outlast his opponent. Mr Hyde wins.

Black Manta vs Stilt Man

Suggested by Destroyer Black Manta has returned and now he is up against the classic Stilt Man. Stilt Man has defeated Goliath back in the day and taken on powerful foes like Thor and She Hulk so we shouldn’t underestimate him. That being said, he is not quite ready to take down Black Manta. For one thing, Stilt Man’s suit is rather limited and doesn’t give him a lot of speed. Manta can take advantage of this with run and gun techniques. His lasers will also take their toll on this villain. Black Manta wins.

Black Manta vs Tiny Tina

Suggested by Destroyer Tiny Tina has a lot of explosives at the ready, but Black Manta has the superior technology. There’s really not a whole lot that she can hope to do to stop him. Manta will have her number from the start of the encounter. He is faster and a single laser would win the day since Tina doesn’t really have anything in the way of defense. This is where a good suit of armor could have come in handy for her, but alas it was not to be. Black Manta wins.

Black Manta vs Leap Frog

Suggested by Destroyer Black Manta is one of the cooler Aquaman characters and his portrayal in the recent Aquaman film really helped to introduce him to more people. Leap Frog hasn’t really had a chance to shine in the same way, but I like to think that the character has potential. It’s buried quite deep into the character, but it’s still there all the same. The problem is that in a fight the Leap Frog really stands no chance here. All he can do is jump. Black Manta wins.

Black Manta vs Killer Whale

Suggested by Destroyer Black Manta is a fierce fighter and he has conquered the seas many times. There are no ordinary animals who can hope to challenge him and that even includes the famed Killer Whale. Killer Whales are awesome animals who really know how to handle themselves in a fight, but that won’t be enough to stop Manta. A quick laser will end this match. Black Manta wins.

Black Manta vs Johnny Bravo

Suggested by Destroyer Johnny Bravo has some decent super strength and he’s quick on his feet, but that won’t save him from this opponent. Black Manta has won his share of fights not just because of his tech, but also through his tactical experience. Johnny Bravo won’t be whipping out any attacks that Manta hasn’t already seen 100 times before. Black Manta has way too many attacks up his sleeve and a quick laser will end the fight. Black Manta wins.

Black Manta vs Chunk

Suggested by Destroyer Black Manta has returned and now he is up against The Chunk. The Chunk is one of those adversaries who is always right around the corner. You can run away, but he’ll catch you eventually. That’s why going for the quick win is always the best approach and that’s how Black Manta is going to win here. He can definitely claim victory with relative ease here. He’s just the more experienced fighter. Black Manta wins.

Black Manta vs Howard Aguello

Suggested by Destroyer Black Manta is a pretty skilled villain so I think Howard is out of luck here. Black Manta can fire lasers and he’s got rockets. At best Howard has his pistol so he can try smacking Manta with it, but that’s not going to do a thing. Black Manta’s got armor on after all so what can Howard even hope to do here? It’s over! Black Manta wins.

Black Manta vs Jack Sparrow

Suggested by Destroyer Black Manta is back and ready to show the world why he is the strongest underwater fighter. Jack may have survived his share of battles, but he rarely ends up winning. The pirate captain is simply too drunk and sloppy with his swordsmanship to pose much of a threat to Black Manta. These two are in completely different leagues when it comes to their level of ability so I don’t see there being much that Sparrow can do here. A single blast should end this. Black Manta wins.

Black Manta vs Thor

Black Manta makes his blog debut and he’s up against Thor! Thor has incredible power at his disposal and his hand to hand skills are also intense. Black Manta may be a smart fighter, but his smarts won’t be enough for him to win this round. He loses his debut fight. Thor wins.