Black Manta vs Killer Whale

Suggested by Destroyer Black Manta is a fierce fighter and he has conquered the seas many times. There are no ordinary animals who can hope to challenge him and that even includes the famed Killer Whale. Killer Whales are awesome animals who really know how to handle themselves in a fight, but that won’t be enough to stop Manta. A quick laser will end this match. Black Manta wins.

3 thoughts on “Black Manta vs Killer Whale

  1. Black Manta would win. With his technology, he can blast them away. However, if the whale were coordinated by Aquaman, there’s a chance the killer whale might win.

      • Yeah I was thinking outside the box. If Aquaman was involved, he could think of a way to defeat Black Manta. However if not, Black Manta would win without a doubt.

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