Hope Summers vs Jean Grey

This is a tribute to Dark Phoenix. Hope Summers is definitely a very powerful fighter and one of the best modern Marvel characters. At this point it may be a stretch to say that she is all that new, but I would still consider her to be recent. She is incredibly powerful and has had the Phoenix Force as well, but I wouldn’t say that any host has ever reached Jean’s level of abilities. She is still the most powerful TK user in Marvel and while Hope would give her a great fight, ultimately she would be defeated. Jean Grey wins.

2 thoughts on “Hope Summers vs Jean Grey

  1. Ok, so I found another character that people think is “The Strongest Character in all of Media”, which is SCP 3812, who is implied to be infinitely above the writers and the real life gods people believe in, could you do Bass vs SCP 3812?

    • SCP sounds interesting but he appears to be more of a concept than an actual character so I don’t think he’d really be able to make it onto the blog. It’s almost more of a fan creation/concept as opposed to being a true character

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