Andromeda vs Leap Frog

Suggested by Destroyer Andromeda is the original big Star Force villain and not a being to be underestimated. Leap Frog can move pretty quickly and reminds me a lot of the Cruller from My Hero. That said, Leap Frog really doesn’t have anything more to his powers. He has no real way or even dealing damage to Andromeda which is going to prove to be fatal here. Without being able to land good hits, you don’t have a shot in any fight. Andromeda wins.

Black Manta vs Leap Frog

Suggested by Destroyer Black Manta is one of the cooler Aquaman characters and his portrayal in the recent Aquaman film really helped to introduce him to more people. Leap Frog hasn’t really had a chance to shine in the same way, but I like to think that the character has potential. It’s buried quite deep into the character, but it’s still there all the same. The problem is that in a fight the Leap Frog really stands no chance here. All he can do is jump. Black Manta wins.

Leap Frog vs Daredevil

Leap Frog and Daredevil have fought in the past, but the image above is all you need to know. Leap Frog has enhanced agility, but in the end it’s not enough to take down Daredevil. Daredevil has his hand to hand skills which are superior to Leap Frog’s. Leap Frog may have taken a loss in this match, but maybe he’ll be back one day. Daredevil wins.