Black Manta vs Johnny Bravo

Suggested by Destroyer Johnny Bravo has some decent super strength and he’s quick on his feet, but that won’t save him from this opponent. Black Manta has won his share of fights not just because of his tech, but also through his tactical experience. Johnny Bravo won’t be whipping out any attacks that Manta hasn’t already seen 100 times before. Black Manta has way too many attacks up his sleeve and a quick laser will end the fight. Black Manta wins.

3 thoughts on “Black Manta vs Johnny Bravo

  1. Besides Toonforce, Johnny has no combat abilities, or at least, not enough to get him past an Aquaman foe. What’ll be next, Evil Queen Grimhilde (Snow White) vs. Spiderman, A Spitz Dog vs a Rhino, King Ghidorah vs. Minnie Mouse?/S. I’m being sarcastic about those requests.

  2. Black Manta will against Johnny. He’s a warrior built to fight. I want to say Johnny could win but that would be difficult. If Black Manta was in Johnny’s cartoon world and had to deal with cartoon logic, I bet Johnny would win. Still, I don’t think good looks is going to help win a fight.

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