Andromeda Shun vs Judith

Andromeda Shun may have had a hard time keeping up with the other Saints but he is definitely still powerful in his own right. His Nebula Chains will be able to form an absolute defense against all of Judith’s attacks. As powerful as she is, the gap between her and Andromeda’s abilities are just too steep. He completely wins in both speed and strength as well as overall durability so there isn’t much she can do here. Andromeda Shun wins.

Andromeda Shun vs Dragon Sky


Suggested by Sonic Dragon Sky is a pretty powerful boss from Megaman Star Force. He was one of the original big threats after all. In terms of size and raw power it’s hard to stop him. That being said, he still isn’t ready to take on one of Athena’s most powerful knights. Andromeda’s Nebula Chains are nearly unbreakable and his durability is already insane even without them. As soon as Andromeda burns his cosmos the fight will be over. There just won’t be anything that Dragon Sky can do to stop him. Andromeda Shun wins.

Cygnus Hyoga vs Andromeda Shun

Cygnus Hyoga is pretty powerful and his ice attacks can be fierce, but I don’t think that he will be winning this round. Andromeda’s whips will move fast enough to block his attacks and he also has some intense energy blasts at his disposal. Andromeda moves up the blog ranks with this win, while Cygnus Hyoga takes a loss. Andromeda Shun wins.

Phoenix Ikki vs Andromeda Shun

Phoenix Ikki is one of those characters that you can’t underestimate. With one punch he can do some heavy damage and it’s always good to be known as the guy with the fire attribute. Andromeda may be strong in his own right as well, but I don’t think that he will be able to win this round. Phoenix Ikki wins.

Andromeda Shun vs Pegasus Seiya

Andromeda Shun makes his debut match on the blog, but he’s up against Pegasus Seiya! Seiya has super speed and immense power at his disposal. I don’t think that Andromeda Shun will be able to defend against such skills. He’s strong as well, but not quite as strong. Pegasus Seiya wins.