Andromeda Shun vs Judith

Andromeda Shun may have had a hard time keeping up with the other Saints but he is definitely still powerful in his own right. His Nebula Chains will be able to form an absolute defense against all of Judith’s attacks. As powerful as she is, the gap between her and Andromeda’s abilities are just too steep. He completely wins in both speed and strength as well as overall durability so there isn’t much she can do here. Andromeda Shun wins.

Seong Mi-Na vs Judith

Suggested by iKnowledge Seong returns in this round but she won’t have much better luck in this round. Judith wins this round in much the same way as Luke does. Her energy attacks will be too much for Seong and her sheer speed would also end up leaving Seong in the dust. It’s hard to compete when your opponent has both more speed and variety in attack options. Seong can make this close but defeat is inevitable. Judith wins.