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Space Godzilla vs Wigglytuff

Space Godzilla is guaranteed to be fighting multiple times today, but will that totally be a good thing for him? I’m afraid that this match certainly won’t be since Space Godzilla simply can’t defeat an opponent this skilled. Wigglytuff is very quick and his large array of attacks will serve him well in this fight. Space Godzilla will eventually fall. Wigglytuff wins.

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Mecha Godzilla 2 vs Wigglytuff

I like Mecha Godzilla 2 as much as the next guy, but he’s seriously outmatched against Wigglytuff. Wigglytuff has a large array of attacks at the ready and she’s much faster than the robot. Mecha Godzilla 2 has a lot of power, but it won’t do him any good if his blows don’t connect. After a long string of Kaiju wins….a loss has finally arrived. Wigglytuff wins.

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Wigglytuff vs Lazerman

Wigglytuff is a pokemon of extreme power…….well…some power anyway. Of course Lazerman has his extreme speed and with it not even Wigglytuff can take him down! One good blast from Lazerman and Wigglytuff is down for the count. Wigglytuff drops down the ranks with this loss, but he’ll be back. Lazerman wins.

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Wigglytuff vs Wiggler

Wigglytuff has always been one of those pokemon who was in the middle. He wasn’t ultimately powerful, but he wasn’t weak either. Of course Wiggler is kind of fast and has some good defense, but in the end that won’t be enough. Wigglytuff takes the win and shows the world why he’s so powerful. Wigglytuff wins.