Kuma vs Bubbles

Suggested by iKnowledge Bubbles is definitely very fast and that’s why this match is a little on the tricky side. I don’t doubt that he could give Kuma a very good fight, but does he really have enough power to win this battle. I’d like to have seen some of his actual strength in action. Meanwhile I’ve seen Kuma destroy glass and wood so I don’t doubt his power. I think he would land enough blows to eventually secure the win. Kuma wins.


Gregory vs Bubbles

Bubbles is a pretty neat monkey/ape, but he is no match against Gregory’s amazing speed. The real question that decides the match is, “Can Gregory’s tackles actually hurt Bubbles?” I believe that they would and Gregory could hit Bubbles several times before the guy could even react. That’s why having the speed advantage is so important. The damage always adds up. (Ignoring healing factors) Gregory wins.