Kuma vs Bubbles

Suggested by iKnowledge Bubbles is definitely very fast and that’s why this match is a little on the tricky side. I don’t doubt that he could give Kuma a very good fight, but does he really have enough power to win this battle. I’d like to have seen some of his actual strength in action. Meanwhile I’ve seen Kuma destroy glass and wood so I don’t doubt his power. I think he would land enough blows to eventually secure the win. Kuma wins.


2 thoughts on “Kuma vs Bubbles

  1. If you need help answering that question, bring into your mind when King Kai instructed Goku to go after Bubbles in DBZ. Based on King Kai’s answer that his world’s gravity is heavier than Earth’s, Bubbles should incredibly strong. Since Chimpanzees and Monkeys can use primitive tools, and bears cannot, I’d give the fight to Bubbles.

    • True, the fact that Bubbles can move in that gravity is certainly impressive. I still would have liked to see Bubbles get some hits in to gauge his power though. He’s good at running and is certainly strong, but Kuma’s also quite powerful

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