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Winston vs Seiuchin

Suggested by iKnowledge This could be a pretty tricky fight. Seiuchin definitely has the edge once he is up close, but could he really get past Winston’s blaster? I have my doubts on that and it’s really the critical part of the matchup. Seiuchin dominated if he gets past it, but thanks to Winston’s jetpack that shouldn’t happen. Winston will take this round, but it’ll be a stressful fight that comes down to the wire. If Winston makes any kind of mistake then he will lose. Winston wins.

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Seiuchin vs Vegeta

Seiuchin may have won his first round, but he’ll find that Vegeta is too powerful of an opponent to overcome. Wrestling techniques won’t work on a Saiyan who could end the entire universe on a whim. Vegeta’s abilities are just on a completely different level and that’s something that Seiuchin is going to learn very quickly. The Prince of All Saiyans isn’t even going to need to go Super Saiyan to win this round. Vegeta wins.

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Seiuchin vs Kuma

Suggested by iKnowledge Seiuchin and Kuma are both proud warriors who bring their 100% into the ring for every fight. They don’t go down easy so the question here is really who would be able to endure the other character’s attacks for the longer period of time. My money’s got to go with Seiuchin on this one because the guy has really been shown to take a beating. Additionally he simply has more attack options at his disposal like his spinning tackles while Kuma is a pure hand to hand fighter. Nothing wrong with that, but it does make him more predictable. Seiuchin wins.