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Winston vs Jaden

Winston is pretty good with technology. He can beat you up close with sheer strength and powerful hand to hand blows or he can take you apart from afar with his cannons. Either way you’re in for a world of pain if you aren’t able to keep up with him. Jaden has a lot of trap cards at the ready though so he is ready for this fight. There really isn’t anything that Winston can do to try and stop Jaden. Jaden is just too powerful and his legions of monsters are the perfect shield. Jaden wins.

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Winston vs Seiuchin

Suggested by iKnowledge This could be a pretty tricky fight. Seiuchin definitely has the edge once he is up close, but could he really get past Winston’s blaster? I have my doubts on that and it’s really the critical part of the matchup. Seiuchin dominated if he gets past it, but thanks to Winston’s jetpack that shouldn’t happen. Winston will take this round, but it’ll be a stressful fight that comes down to the wire. If Winston makes any kind of mistake then he will lose. Winston wins.