Cumber vs Orochi (OPM)

Cumber is a pretty powerful Dragon Ball character. Not only are his abilities completely out of this world but he’s probably still got more power ups in store for us someday. He was able to take on Gogeta, Ultra Instinct Goku, and Jiren in separate battles. There are few characters with a battle resume that impressive. Orochi is very powerful but he wouldn’t last a second against Cumber. Cumber’s power is absolute. He is virtually invincible and trying to defeat him is like trying to stop an avalanche with a bowl of chicken noodle soup. Orochi won’t be able to survive against such an onslaught. Cumber wins.

Zane (Brave Tuber) vs Orochi (OPM)

Zane is a Brave Tuber who loves taking down demons and making videos of it. Well, this is one demon that he won’t be able to conquer. Orochi is completely out of Zane’s league and it shows. With a single move he would shatter any of Zane’s suped up forms. Zane doesn’t have the speed needed to dodge and I also don’t think he would be able to land a hit. Orochi’s defenses are far too fast and powerful. He’s protected from all angles and even has a super form to use if necessary. Orochi (OPM) wins.

Sakura Shinguji vs Orochi (OPM)

Sakura Shinguji has returned but she won’t be able to do much against the famous Monster King. Orochi is one of the strongest One Punch Man characters in the series at the moment and his power is completely out of this world. He would be able to destroy her robot with a single strike and Sakura wouldn’t be able to react in time to do much about it. The difference in power is simply too vast so this match wouldn’t last longer than a single instant. Orochi (OPM) wins.