Cumber vs Jiren

Suggested by BassisweakerthanBruceLee This is always a fan favorite matchup so it was cool that they got to fight briefly in the show. It was looking rather evenly matched there even if the gap seemed to be a bit bigger in the manga. Ultimately while Cumber has had a very impressive track record, I’d say that Jiren has got him beat. Jiren fought in many back to back battles in the TOP and his upper limit just kept on increasing. While Cumber should be able to follow suit, he hasn’t shown the pure speed needed to topple Jiren. This fight should go down to the wire but Jiren will claim victory. Jiren wins.

Broly vs Cumber

Suggested by BassisweakerthanBruceLee Both of these guys are some of the toughest Saiyans in the cosmos. Their abilities are absolutely insane. That being said, I would edge towards picking Broly here. His showing in the Super movie was fantastic with how he handled both fighters and he also has a SSJ4 form in the back pocket. Meanwhile Cumber’s overpowered Ultra Instinct Goku in the past. It’s a close one but Broly has more options and I’d say he has a slightly high power level overall. Broly wins.

Cumber vs Goku

Cumber is one of the strongest Dragon Ball characters of all time and I was definitely impressed with him. It took everything Goku had in order to take him on and then some. Cumber would ultimately fall to him even in a rematch but the fact that it is so close is what’s truly impressive here. Both of these fighters will only continue to grow stronger from here and remain among the top 1% of all fictional characters in terms of power and ability. It’s just really hard to take them down for the count. Goku wins.

Cumber vs Ryoma

Cumber is an incredibly powerful fighter. In fact, he’s one of the most powerful fighters in all of media just by virtue of being one of the strongest Dragon Ball characters. He’s massively faster than light and his destructive ability is also completely out of this world. Ryoma is not going to be able to do a whole lot against Cumber here…or that’s what it would look like on the surface. He’s a pretty solid tennis player so there’s no way he’s going to lose. He’ll use his racket to block all of Cumber’s attacks and that will be game over. Ryoma wins.

Update 8 7 2020. Fastest update ever but with the high above ruling nullified Ryoma can’t win this round. Cumber wins.

Cumber vs Phoenix Man

Phoenix Man’s greatest asset has to be his regenerative abilities. His raw power is good as well but the fact that his abilities continue to improve is what makes him the real threat here. Still, he won’t be able to improve fast enough to win here. The trouble with continuing to evolve is that you just can’t evolve fast enough to stop someone like Cumber. The gap between these two fighters is far too fast to be eliminated in such a move. Perhaps if Phoenix Man had years at his disposal but he doesn’t. Cumber wins.

Cumber vs Psykos

Psykos is a pretty powerful telepath. Her barrier can block almost all kinds of attacks but Cumber would be able to break through with minimal effort. It’s hard to even accurately describe how powerful his attacks are. He’s really just plain unstoppable and that’s what makes him so terrifying. Try as she might, Psykos won’t be able to stop his advances. Even if she fires off her most powerful attack which would end the world with ease, Cumber can end whole star systems. His energy blast would prevail. Cumber wins.

Cumber vs Orochi (OPM)

Cumber is a pretty powerful Dragon Ball character. Not only are his abilities completely out of this world but he’s probably still got more power ups in store for us someday. He was able to take on Gogeta, Ultra Instinct Goku, and Jiren in separate battles. There are few characters with a battle resume that impressive. Orochi is very powerful but he wouldn’t last a second against Cumber. Cumber’s power is absolute. He is virtually invincible and trying to defeat him is like trying to stop an avalanche with a bowl of chicken noodle soup. Orochi won’t be able to survive against such an onslaught. Cumber wins.