Cumber vs Psykos

Psykos is a pretty powerful telepath. Her barrier can block almost all kinds of attacks but Cumber would be able to break through with minimal effort. It’s hard to even accurately describe how powerful his attacks are. He’s really just plain unstoppable and that’s what makes him so terrifying. Try as she might, Psykos won’t be able to stop his advances. Even if she fires off her most powerful attack which would end the world with ease, Cumber can end whole star systems. His energy blast would prevail. Cumber wins.

Iroha Tamaki vs Psykos

Iroha is a powerful magical girl with a lot of different abilities up her sleeve. The problem is that none of them are powerful enough to damage Psykos. For now lets ignore the fact that Psykos has a power up which multiplies her abilities exponentially. Even without that she would be able to utterly crush Iroha with ease. A single good energy blast would end this fight. Iroha has shown in the past that she is quite agile but she doesn’t have enough stamina to keep it up for very long and her magic power drains rather quickly. Psykos wins.

Himeno vs Psykos

Himeno may have been able to take down some pretty powerful opponents in her day but that won’t be enough to finish off Psykos. Psykos is one of the strongest telepaths in One Punch Man and she is also capable of fighting with massive energy blasts. Himeno doesn’t have the durability needed to block or counter an attack like that. Psykos is also far faster than Himeno so escape will be impossible. There’s a reason why Psykos rose to the top after all, her skills are just that good. Psykos wins.