Cumber vs Phoenix Man

Phoenix Man’s greatest asset has to be his regenerative abilities. His raw power is good as well but the fact that his abilities continue to improve is what makes him the real threat here. Still, he won’t be able to improve fast enough to win here. The trouble with continuing to evolve is that you just can’t evolve fast enough to stop someone like Cumber. The gap between these two fighters is far too fast to be eliminated in such a move. Perhaps if Phoenix Man had years at his disposal but he doesn’t. Cumber wins.

Mikito Sakurai vs Phoenix Man

Phoenix Man has returned. Mikito may be a human who is slowly turning into a monster but that’s not something that is going to scare Phoenix Man. Why would a monster be scared of another creature right? Mikito has a lot of pretty solid abilities to be sure like super strength and regeneration but Phoenix Man has both of those abilities to a higher degree. What this means is that Mikito is effectively doomed here. There’s just not much of anything he can even try that Phoenix Man doesn’t already surpass him in. Mikito will be burned up. Phoenix Man wins.

Shinemon vs Phoenix Man

Phoenix Man may have gotten hit with the nerf hammer in production but his chapter still remains. Even without his final form the guy is still a beast in combat. Shinemon can throw his legion of cards at Phoenix Man and it won’t ultimately make a difference. Phoenix Man could destroy most of those cards in a single move after all. It wouldn’t be far fetched for him to do something like that and his regenerative abilities means that none of the damage he takes would stick. This fight can’t be won. Phoenix Man wins.