Shinemon vs Phoenix Man

Phoenix Man may have gotten hit with the nerf hammer in production but his chapter still remains. Even without his final form the guy is still a beast in combat. Shinemon can throw his legion of cards at Phoenix Man and it won’t ultimately make a difference. Phoenix Man could destroy most of those cards in a single move after all. It wouldn’t be far fetched for him to do something like that and his regenerative abilities means that none of the damage he takes would stick. This fight can’t be won. Phoenix Man wins.

Shinemon vs Mogo

Shinemon has entered the battlefield! The Cardfight franchise did a good job of finally making him a pretty likable character. Sure, it took an extremely long time but Shin was actually a lot of fun in his prequel season. Mogo is pretty huge but he can’t take on Shinemon’s legion of fighters. Shinemon has a ton of powerful cards at his disposal and his trump card Valkerion would definitely have the edge here. An experienced cardfighter is definitely a true threat in combat and not one who can be easily defeated. Shinemon wins.