Mikito Sakurai vs Phoenix Man

Phoenix Man has returned. Mikito may be a human who is slowly turning into a monster but that’s not something that is going to scare Phoenix Man. Why would a monster be scared of another creature right? Mikito has a lot of pretty solid abilities to be sure like super strength and regeneration but Phoenix Man has both of those abilities to a higher degree. What this means is that Mikito is effectively doomed here. There’s just not much of anything he can even try that Phoenix Man doesn’t already surpass him in. Mikito will be burned up. Phoenix Man wins.

Mikito Sakurai vs Zorro

Mikito Sakurai isn’t one of the more well known Shonen heroes but the guy is definitely a solid fighter. Once he started to really get used to his powers he was a threat to anyone regardless of distance. Super strength, regeneration, speed, this guy has it all. It’s hard to beat an all around fighter like that because he can take you down in a variety of ways. Zorro is skilled with the blade but that’s about it. It’s hard to see him being able to do much of anything against Mikito and that’s what will hold him back here. Mikito Sakurai wins.