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Mikito Sakurai vs Zorro

Mikito Sakurai isn’t one of the more well known Shonen heroes but the guy is definitely a solid fighter. Once he started to really get used to his powers he was a threat to anyone regardless of distance. Super strength, regeneration, speed, this guy has it all. It’s hard to beat an all around fighter like that because he can take you down in a variety of ways. Zorro is skilled with the blade but that’s about it. It’s hard to see him being able to do much of anything against Mikito and that’s what will hold him back here. Mikito Sakurai wins.

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Bud Macintosh vs Zorro

This is a tribute to The Mask of Zorro. Zorro is a pretty decent fighter although he certainly got old and started losing more fights. I’d say he still looked good enough to earn himself a win. Bud Macintosh is one of the more unlikable film protagonists. The guy doesn’t know when to get serious and he certainly can’t fight. Even an elderly Zorro would likely be able to beat him quite easily. Zorro is a fencing master after all so he’s used to taking on all manner of opponents. Zorro wins.