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Sakura Shinguji vs Orochi (OPM)

Sakura Shinguji has returned but she won’t be able to do much against the famous Monster King. Orochi is one of the strongest One Punch Man characters in the series at the moment and his power is completely out of this world. He would be able to destroy her robot with a single strike and Sakura wouldn’t be able to react in time to do much about it. The difference in power is simply too vast so this match wouldn’t last longer than a single instant. Orochi (OPM) wins.

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Sakura Shinguji vs Dick Tracy

Sakura has a mech at her side and is also just a good sword fighter in general. I’m pretty confident that she would be able to give Dick Tracy more than he can handle in a fight. Once she gets into her mech the battle is as good as over because he can’t do anything to possibly break through such a defense. Ultimately this means that he will be completely out of luck and his best tactic here will be to surrender right away. He’s smart enough to figure out what’s going to happen here. Sakura Shinguji wins.