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Yusei vs Hiruko

Yusei’s wrath is still going strong. His next victim is Hiruko. Hiruko has dream powers, but Yusei has a forcefield that would probably protect him from the sceptor. He also has a large deck of rare and powerful cards. Not to mention hand to hand combat which Hiruko does not have. Yusei wins.

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Yusei vs Plasticman

Well it has begun. The rise of Yusei. Plasticman may be made of plastic but he can’t handle Speed Warrior. Speed Warrior is one of Yusei’s weaker monsters so if Plasticman can’t beat him it’s over. Yusei also has Jump Syncron which can syncro summun Jump Warrior. Amongst that Yusei knows hand to hand combat and has a barrier. Yusei could beat Plasticman without his cards. Yusei wins.

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Train vs Yusei

Yusei is back with a vengence, but he found the wrong sweeper. Train will have him sweeped up in seconds. Train can hit moving targets over 100 ft away. He can even shoot other bullets that go towards him. So Yusei’s Duel Runner isn’t fast enough to go away. Yusei himself can’t handle Train, but there is a rumor that Yusei will start a comeback. Train wins.

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Yusei vs Bass

Nearly everyone pales in comparison to Bass. They can’t even hope to win. Yusei’s got SPEED WARRIOR but it can’t handle Bass. Not even Stardust Dragon can save Yusei now and that’s his best card. Yusei has a barrier because of his signer powers but it won’t help him. His motorcycle’s fast but electronic and Bass could take it over. There’s no hope for Yusei, but there never is against Bass. Bass wins.

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Yusei vs Jaden (In Duel Monsters)

Jaden is definitely the weakest duelist from the main three. He seems to have a power since his eyes change but so far that doesn’t cut it. As a duelist he falls for traps often and has the weakest rival…Chazz. Jaden needs a new deck. Plus his favorite card Terra Firma is weaker than Jump Warrior. Yusei wins. No. Jaden is tougher and has skills. Jaden wins.

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Yusei vs Yami Yugi (In Duel Monsters)

Yugi was the original but the original’s not always the best. Take Shredder for instance. Yugi is a formidable duelist and his power to always gets the card he needs makes this a real fight. However Yusei has been known to win battles with super weak cards that aren’t even his. He’s even won with random cards strangers gave him. Yusei wins.

That was what I thought until I saw The 5d’s series. Yugi has a god card, but Yusei has nothing. Yusei also has the weakest of the 3 dragons in his series. Yugi has mind crush and his dragons are real. Yugi’s power also does not allow him to lose while Yusei can and has lost. Yugi could easily beat him. Yugi wins.