Infernape vs Midnighter

Suggested by Sonic The Midnighter has some decent super strength and close combat skills but ultimately that’s not going to be enough to stop Infernape. Infernape’s fire punches will quickly take the Midnighter down for the count. Additionally he is also a lot faster so it’ll be difficult for Midnighter to try to get out of range or dodge too quickly. He’s just out of luck. Infernape wins.

Josie Rizal vs Midnighter

Suggested by iKnowledge Josie Rizal is a strong fighter and one of the more memorable newcomers to the Tekken franchise. Her cheerful disposition will take her far, but it won’t be enough to win this match. While she is an exceptional fighter, Midnighter is just a tough matchup. He can predict what you will do next and he also has some super strength at his disposal to back him up. That means that Josie is really going to be backed into a corner here. None of her usual strategies will work. Midnighter wins.

Yusaku Fujiki vs Midnighter

It’s time for Yusaku to return to the stage! His dueling abilities are definitely as impressive as you’d expect and that means there aren’t too many opponents who can really challenge him. Midnighter can calculate many different outcomes and fight with the level of Captain America, but that won’t help against Yusaku’s army of monsters. They’ll crush Midnighter without even breaking a sweat. Yusaku Fujiki wins.

Midnighter vs Chun Li

Suggested by iKnowledge Midnighter is back and now it’s time to see how he would fare against Chun Li. It’d definitely a pretty close battle I’d say. On one hand Chun Li is definitely the more skilled fighter if you ask me, but Midnighter’s hand to hand expertise and strategies will help him a lot. His raw strength is also a factor to be reckoned with. I don’t think Chun Li will be able to land enough hits to win this battle. Midnighter wins.

Midnighter vs Leonardo

Suggested by iKnowledgeMidnighter is an exceptional hand to hand combatant who can envision how a fight will go down before it even happens. In a pretty intense feat he explains that he can play out a fight in billions of different ways before it starts. It may be some hyperbole on his part, but the fact remains that the Midnighter has defeated opponents like the Martian Manhunter and has enough super strength to even injure Etrigan. Leonardo is strong, but considering Midnighter’s virtual pre-cog abilities in battle he won’t be able to land a square hit. Midnighter wins.

Update 9/28/2019 Leonardo has his Saint Turtle form which is strong enough to turn the tides. This cosmic power can’t be beat. Leonardo wins.