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Impossible Man vs Yusaku Fujiki

Suggested by iKnowledge Impossible Man is a tricky fighter who can really mess with reality, but that won’t stop the man who is known as the Playmaker. Yusaku can link into the Vrain and then activate his most powerful Link summons. With these monsters at his beck and call he quickly becomes an opponent who simply cannot lose to anyone who isn’t a master combatant. Yusaku is simply in a different league compared to this guy so victory is assured. Yusaku Fujiki wins.

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Yusaku Fujiki vs Midnighter

It’s time for Yusaku to return to the stage! His dueling abilities are definitely as impressive as you’d expect and that means there aren’t too many opponents who can really challenge him. Midnighter can calculate many different outcomes and fight with the level of Captain America, but that won’t help against Yusaku’s army of monsters. They’ll crush Midnighter without even breaking a sweat. Yusaku Fujiki wins.

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Yami Yugi vs Yusaku Fujiki

Suggested by Anonymous Time for Yusaku to make his debut on the blog! He’s off to a promising start as he already obtained a dragon. I get the feeling that he will likely surpass Yami by the end of his run as the Yugioh shows have gotten crazier and crazier with the monsters over the years. Yami has the god cards but even those do not always cut the mustard in these fights. Still, for the moment the King of Games gets to keep his title. His Egyptian god cards as well as the Dark Magician will see to that. Yami Yugi wins.