Yusaku Fujiki vs Ren Suzugamori

Suggested by Sonic Both of these fighters are extremely talented card fighters with rather large decks. It’ll really come down to who has the best units as well as the strategy to use their trap cards. Ultimately I would say Ren takes this. Yusaku has a lot of his cards but his absolute top tiers would have a lot of trouble against Ren’s blaster deck. Ren also has the benefit of being a big character in both Cardfight continuities where he got to unveil different trump card monsters. Ultimately Yusaku would be overwhelmed. Ren Suzugamori wins.

Jason Lee Scott vs Ren Suzugamori

Jason Lee Scott is back, but he’s completely outmatched against Ren. Ren is one of the strongest Cardfighters on his planet and he has many powerful dragons. Jason may be able to fend off some of Ren’s weaker monsters, but he just doesn’t stand a chance against Blaster Dark. It’s been a while since Ren took a win and it’s always good to see his record get better. Ren Suzugamori wins.

Ren Suzugamori vs Bass

Ren Suzugamori is back, but now he’s fighting the King of the blog! Bass has his Darkness Overload and it’ll take down even the strongest of Ren Suzugamori’s monsters. Sheer numbers won’t be enough to take down Bass and his speed will keep him one step ahead of them. Ren Suzugamori will be back someday. Bass wins.

Ren Suzugamori vs One Above All

The One Above All is back and he’s looking tougher than ever! Ren Suzugamori just needs one good shot to end this round. He has many powerful cards at his disposal and the One Above All lacks the speed to dodge them all. Ren Suzugamori has won his debut match on the blog and the One Above All drops down the ranks with this loss. Ren Suzugamori wins.