Josie Rizal vs Midnighter

Suggested by iKnowledge Josie Rizal is a strong fighter and one of the more memorable newcomers to the Tekken franchise. Her cheerful disposition will take her far, but it won’t be enough to win this match. While she is an exceptional fighter, Midnighter is just a tough matchup. He can predict what you will do next and he also has some super strength at his disposal to back him up. That means that Josie is really going to be backed into a corner here. None of her usual strategies will work. Midnighter wins.

Shouichiro Nagi vs Josie Rizal

Suggested by iKnowledge Josie is a strong fighter, but she’s not ready to deal with people who are no longer human. At the end of the day no matter how much flash Josie puts in her techniques she is still just a mortal. Nagi has a demon exorcist form at his disposal and his attacks have supernatural qualities like electricity. Nagi has the speed and skill needed to make sure his hits connect and then that’s game over for Josie. Shouichiro Nagi wins.

Josie Rizal vs Mr Incredible

Suggested by iKnowledge Josie Rizal is a talented hand to hand fighter and a recent addition to the Tekken franchise. She’s definitely got a lot of spunk and spirit, but I don’t think that will really be enough against the mighty Mr Incredible. He’s got super strength, defense, and is overall a weaker version of Superman. Her attacks won’t realistically do any damage and while she is faster than him, it won’t make enough of a difference to claim victory. Mr Incredible wins.